AstraZeneca is it for everyone ?

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Ema, the AstraZeneca vaccine is valid for everyone
‘The benefit-risk balance remains positive’

Ema’s position on AstraZeneca has not changed: “The benefit-risk balance remains positive and the vaccine remains authorized for the entire population”. This is what Ema herself specifies in a note referring to the “misinformation” resulting from a misinterpreted statement by one of their experts published in a newspaper.
For the European Medicines Agency (Ema), all four anti Covid-19 vaccines approved in Europe are valid: there is therefore no back-front on AstraZeneca by the European regulatory body, he told ANSA the coordinator of the EMA vaccines task force, Marco Cavaleri. The data on the risk-benefit ratio are also positive for the other viral vector vaccine, that of Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) and for the two vaccines based on messenger RNA (mRna) technology, namely those of Moderna and Pfizer / BioNTech. The clinical study of the vaccine of the Curevac company, based in Germany, is underway, which could come to the examination of the EMA towards the end of the summer: for Europe it could become the fifth anti Covid vaccine and the third to mRna.
“All the vaccines approved by the EMA, including that of AstraZeneca, maintain a positive risk-benefit ratio especially in the elderly and vulnerable, so they should continue to be used”, noted Cavaleri. Ema’s position on the AstraZeneca vaccine “has not changed”, but naturally the cases of thrombosis which have so far occurred mainly in young women are under the attention of the regulatory body. “Cases of thrombosis with thrombosis have emerged, which have been examined by our pharmacovigilance committee” and “in addition, the EMA has conducted new analyzes to contextualize the risk of thrombosis in different age groups, by sex and in different epidemiological contexts. “,